You came to Vancouver to explore the outdoors, but it’s been three days of refreshing rain so you decide to park the hike for next week’s sunshine. What to do? Plenty. Start with FlyOver Canada, which will take you across some of Canada’s most spectacular sights – all from a virtual reality pod in Coal Harbour.

Here’s your chance to see Canada’ stunning scenery like never before. FlyOver Canada takes you across some of the country’s most spectacular sights with the latest in flight ride technology. Wind, scents and other true-to-life effects add to the sensation of soaring across the country’s distinctive landscapes Take in dawn at Niagara Falls, the beauty of autumn in Quebec, and the fresh scent of newly cut wheat… and that’s just a taster.

If you happen to be in town before March 6, you’ll have the opportunity to see FlyOver Canada’s “Flight of the Dragon”, an homage to Chinese New Year. The exotic journey follows a mythical dragon as it soars over China’s most spectacular landscapes and scenery; upon landing, you’ll take off yet again to experience the original FlyOver Canada ride.

FlyOver Canada is located at Canada Place - sitting on the edge of the sprawling harbor – and open daily from 10am to 9pm. For more information, visit