Coola & Grinder play in the snow, ending their hibernation | Photo Credit: Grouse Mountain


On April 9th 2016 Grouse Mountain resident bears Coola and Grinder woke from their winter hibernation to join the rest of us in the Vancouver summer-like weather. This concluded the bears’ 15th hibernation period at the Grouse Mountain Refuge for Endangered Wildlife.

"It’s wonderful to witness Grinder and Coola excitedly emerge from their 15th hibernation period", said Dr. Ken Macquisten, Refuge Director and Veterinarian.  "The annual awakening of the massive male Grizzlies signals the coming of summer adventures and we are very pleased to once again invite our guests to visit us at the Grouse Mountain Refuge for Endangered Wildlife."

Regarded as two of the most popular residents at Grouse Mountain’s the Peak of Vancouver, Grizzly Bears Grinder and Coola were welcomed into their habitat at Grouse Mountain’s Refuge for Endangered Wildlife in 2001 after being orphaned during separate incidents in Bella Coola and Invermere. Both Grizzlies celebrated their 15th birthday during their most recent hibernation period.

Join Cool and Grinder for breakfast with Grouse Mountain’s Breakfast with the Bears! Starting May 21, 2016 you can enjoy early morning access to the mountain, and learn all about Grizzly Bears and bear conservation from Grouse Mountain’s experienced wildlife rangers. Enjoy a bear-inspired breakfast at the Grizzle Lookout Café and watch Grinder and Coola explore their habitat. Tickets are on sale now: $64.95 ($50.34 USD) for Adults, $44.95 ($34.84 USD) for Youth, and $34.95 ($27.09 USD) for Children.