Vancouver has a tree-mendous amount of trees - in fact, we have the most trees of any major city in the world, according to Treepedia

The World Economic Forum teamed up with Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Sensible City lab to create Treepedia, a website which measures and compares cities’ green canopies. Using Google Street View data, Treepedia is a tool for both city planners and dwellers. Urbanites can inspect the location and size of trees in their neighbourhoods, as well as input their own data and request for more trees to be planted where they live.

Based on analysis of the density of trees in major world cities, Vancouver has been named as the “greenest” city with the largest tree canopy. In second place is Sacramento, followed by Geneva, Seattle and Toronto. This recognition marks another step towards Vancouver's goal of becoming the greenest city in the world by 2020.