Despite the fact consumers today are more health-conscious than ever, it’s surprisingly difficult to source lifestyle-friendly fare that’s equal parts tasty and nourishing. Thankfully, we don’t have that problem in Vancouver. Here, tantalizing treats abound – from wholesome ginger cookies to rich vegan bennies, this city has you covered. So go ahead and enjoy that double chocolate cupcake – your body will thank you.

Treats to try:

Pikanik’s Ginger Cookie. Recently awarder “Innovator of the Year” by the Canadian Bakers Journal, local bakery Pikanik dishes up sweet treats that are gluten/allergen/dairy-free and celiac-friendly with not a preservative in sight – and somehow, the goods taste even better than their less healthy counterparts. Our must-try: the Ginger Cookie, a moist and just-sweet-enough delight with a distinctive gingery bite. Pair with coffee for the ultimate morning wake-up.

Charlie’s Little Italian’s Vegan Benny. This quaint-meets-contemporary trattoria serves rustic Italian fare, though even the hardiest of health nuts will warm to the Vegan Bunny. Crispy tofu “eggs” pair with creamy avocado, heirloom tomato jam and cashew saffron “hollandaise”, marking the first time you’ll ever hear “Eat your hollandaise – it’s good for you.”

The Juice Truck’s Almost Chocolate smoothie. Because the only thing better than a thick, creamy, sugar-packed milkshake is a thick, creamy chocolate milkshake made with wholesome ingredients like banana, almond butter, raw caco, raw maca, dates and almond milk.

The Acorn’s Vanilla Almond Beet Cake. A shining beacon among Vancouver’s vegetarian restaurants, The Acorn should be every health-conscious diner’s go-to. New for spring/summer, the restaurant’s decadent cake is served with sour cashew ice cream, sponge toffee, sweet sorrel sauce and beet crumb – and it’s vegan. Satisfying for even the hungriest of diners.

Nice Vice Ice Cream’s Strawberry Fiends Forever. Whoever perfected the recipe for plant-based, purely vegan ice cream is a sweet genius – after all, how often can you indulge in all the flavour with none of the guilt? Even better: Nice Vice uses only ethically sourced ingredients, so you can enjoy your dessert with a side of social responsibility.  

Bella Gelateria's Water Buffalo Milk Gelato. Multiple award-winner James Coleridge has made a name for himself by testing out wacky new creations and harmoniously blending surprising flavours. His latest experiment: water buffalo milk gelato, already an all-the-rage flavour in the U.S. Buffalo milk is touted as healthier than cow's milk (58 percent more calcium! 40 percent more protein! 43 percent less cholesterol!), and Coleridge's version contains no cream, eggs or refined white sugar – just straight-up buffalo milk from an Abbotsford farmer. But the best part is the taste: creamy, velvety, and more decadent than a healthy dessert has any right to be. We'll take the triple-scoop, please.