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Have you ever felt like you spend more time researching what to do than actually doing it? Us too! Our dream is to bring authentic experiences to adventure-seekers, without spending hours online first. Founded in Vancouver BC, Yervana is a community of like-minded people chasing after real experiences and the best kept secrets. If you want to explore the outdoors with wonder and curiosity, we want to help. Whether your idea of paradise is skiing the best powder, canoeing in the clearest waters, or unearthing hidden hiking trails in your own backyard, we’re here to take the work out of finding your next adventure, so you can start living it. Dive into our growing list of activities and discover your nirvana. We’re here for the wild at heart. Welcome to Yervana. Yervana dares you to hold adventure in the palm of your hand. An iOS app designed to connect adventure-seekers with locals who can show them the ropes, sharing the unique experiences they are passionate about.