Yaletown L'Antipasto

  • 1127 Mainland St.
  • Vancouver, BC V6B 5P2
  • Phone: 604.558.1174
The heart of the Italian home is the dinner table. It’s where we gather every day to eat, share our food, our stories, our lives. Yaletown L’Antipasto welcomes you the way Italians do when entertaining friends and family at home. We create popular regional dishes along with beloved family recipes passed down from generation to generation
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  • Neighborhood: Yaletown
  • Cuisine Type: Italian
  • Dinner Menu Price: $40
  • Reservation Status: Accepting Reservations
  • Gluten-Free Options Available:
  • Vegetarian Options Available:

Appetizer 1

  • Appetizer 1: Insalata Celeste (V, GF) Organic greens, Okanagan chevre, dried cranberries, sliced almonds, balsamic reduction

Appetizer 2

  • Appetizer 2: AAA Beef Carpaccio White Alba truffle oil, in-house preserved vegetables sott'olio

Appetizer 3

  • Appetizer 3: Bruschetta Leccese Gorgonzola, roasted pine nuts, fig marmalade & aged prosciutto

Entree 1

  • Entree 1: Pappardelle 'Rosche Rosche' (GF Pasta available) Home made pappardelle noodles with an organic boneless beef short rib and Italian fennel sausage tomato sauce

Entree 2

  • Entree 2: Risotto alla Pescatora (GF) Arborio rice cooked with a medley of shellfish; Mediterranean calamari, baby scallops, tiger prawns, clams & Salt Spring Island mussels

Entree 3

  • Entree 3: Lobster & Crab Ravioli Fresh cherry tomato, arugula and tiger prawns

Dessert 1

  • Dessert 1: Tiramisu

Dessert 2

  • Dessert 2: Panna Cotta

Dessert 3

  • Dessert 3: Chocolate Mousse


  • Special Notes: Risotto ai Funghi Porcini (V, GF) Arborio rice, porcini mushrooms, extra virgin olive oil, garlic & a hint of chilli