Yaletown Business Improvement Association

  • 202 – 1290 Homer St.
  • Vancouver, BC V6B 2Y5
  • Phone: 604.683.7473
Yaletown is home to more than 75 restaurants and many fine, independent boutiques. The area is filled with Vancouvers “creative industry” of software developers, architects, planners, designers, marketing and advertising agencies. The Yaletown BIA helps to keep Yaletown fun and beautiful through an intense program of beautification (award winning planters, heritage brickyards, and extra wide sidewalks) as well as a lively calendar with over 30 days of free public events each year. Annual signature events include; The Yaletown Grand Prix bike race every Canada Day, Jazz Festival, Outdoor Movie Night in David Lam Park, Taste of Yaletown October restaurant event, illuminate Yaletown light show as well as various parties and product launches throughout the year. Check out current activities at Twitter iyaletown, Facebook and