WildPlay Element Parks - Maple Ridge

  • 23485 Fern Crescent
  • Maple Ridge, BC V4R 2S5
  • Phone: (855) 595-2251 , Toll Free: 1.855.595.2251

At WildPlay Maple Ridge you'll find our Adventure Course, a fun activity in nature for people ages five and older. There are three self-paced Adventure Course experiences that involve climbing, ziplining, jumping, and swinging through cool obstacle games! Guests navigate log ladders, cargo nets, rope swings, tightropes, swinging logs, wobbly bridges, and more aerial surprises that gradually become higher and more challenging. You will also find the What's To Fear Jump (WTF Jump). Boldly go where only birds (and bungy jumpers) have gone before. We invite you to take a freakishly-fun plunge from the edge of a 40-foot platform. The tricky part is calming your nerves. The thrilling part is you can do it! Just say it silently or scream it loud... “what's to fear – jump”! At the high tree-mounted platform, you'll meet your Element Guide and get clipped to the slack line for your big moment. Just one more step, hop, or tumble and you're enjoying a quick free-fall before landing (with a huge smile) on the forest floor. The WTF Jump is a thrilling way for guests ages seven and older to feel total, heart-thumping, self-confidence. There's no quelling your fright, so just have faith. Peer over the edge and say What's To Fear – Jump!