Uno Gelato

  • 30-1055 Canada Place
  • Vancouver, BC V6C 0C3
  • Phone: 604.733.5884
Uno Gelato There is a place where Old World Artistry meets Urban Social — a place where old school tradition embraces contemporary culinary genius. Uno Gelato is a place where playful, unexpected epicurean adventures are consummated every day. Uno Gelato is a luxurious playground for the senses where all you need to bring (other than a BFF) is an unquenchable obsession to explore, celebrate...and return. Uno Gelato Locations KITSILANO | 2579 WEST BROADWAY VANCOUVER CONVENTION CENTRE | 30-1055 CANADA PLACE FALSE CREEK | 601 STAMPS LANDING VANCOUVER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT | INTERNATIONAL/USA DEPARTURES TERMINAL