• 1300 Robson Street
  • Vancouver, BC V6E 1C5
  • Phone: 604.661.2166
Timber is Chef Chris Whittaker's second West End Restaurant. Timber pays tribute to British Columbia’s rich timber history and the tough people who built this 'True North Strong & Free', one two-by-four at a time. The menu reads like a roadmap of Canadian comfort food. Looking for a place to grab a mug of local craft beer and a bison burger while you curse the hockey refs on TV? This is the joint for you.
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  • Seasons Of Operation:
    • All
  • Year Opened: 2015


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    • Daily
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  • Neighborhood: West End, English Bay
  • Cuisine Type: Canadian
  • Dinner Menu Price: $20
  • Reservation Status: Reservations not accepted, 1st come 1st served
  • Gluten-Free Options Available:
  • Vegetarian Options Available:

Appetizer 1

  • Appetizer 1: Daily Soup Selection Changes Daily

Appetizer 2

  • Appetizer 2: Kale and Squash Salad Wheat Berries, Sundried Cranberries, Maple Dressing

Entree 1

  • Entree 1: Nightly Roast - Sunday - Roast Beef and Yorkshire, Monday - 1/2 Free range Chicken, Tuesday - Pork Loin Rack Roast, Wednesday - Meat Pie with Marrow, Thursday - Lamb Meatloaf, Friday - Cast Iron Seafood Bake, Saturday - Bison Sirloin

Dessert 1

  • Dessert 1: Sticky Toffee Pudding Rye Spiked Caramel, Maple Ice Cream