Swallow Tail Culinary Adventures

  • 495 East 20th Avenue
  • Vancouver, BC V5V 1M6
  • Phone: 778.319.9453
COVID-19 Operating Status: OPEN
COVID-19 Reopen Date Effective 05/30/2020


Local Chefs & Sommeliers Open Doors to the Secret World of Wild Foods & Boutique Wineries in BC.


WINE TOURS - We bring you to small scale, important vintners that can't (or don't want to) accommodate the big wine-tour groups and busses. 

Because good wine in BC is produced in small quantities and snatched up quickly by restaurants, you're gonna miss out unless you know where to look.

We'll guide you to the homes of these small, unique vintners, to taste wines that highlight the stunning terroir of British Columbia.


FORAGING - Discover delicious ingredients you've never heard of! Come foraging to taste Salmonberries, Indian Rhubarb & Wild Mushrooms.

CRAB - Catch & Cook Dungeness Crab on the beach!

SNOWSHOE - A gentle Snowshoe to a mountain-top overlooking Vancouver for a 3 course meal served in the snow!

COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates

  • COVID-19 Operating Status::
    • OPEN
  • COVID-19 Reopen Date Effective: 2020-05-30



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