Reflect Social Dining + Lounge

  • 6083 McKay Avenue
  • Burnaby, BC V5H 2W7
  • Phone: (604) 639-3756

Food, Wine and Friends. The Perfect way to Reflect…

Located on the 3rd floor of the Three Diamond Award Hilton Vancouver Metrotown, Reflect social dining + lounge.

Classy, seductive and luxurious, the restaurant’s design is relaxed yet plush with a rich mix of colours and fabrics. An intricate part of the décor includes the beautifully detailed and ornate mirrors, which reflect the lavish ambiance of the room.

The stunning décor has inspired an equally stunning menu. Our esteemed chef has combined his great knowledge of fusion cooking – expertly and tastefully blending the flavours and spices of the West Coast with those of Europe and Asia. The result is an elegantly simple menu offering a cornucopia of flavour and a range of memorable dishes.

Our beverage program is a comprehensive compilation of local and world class Wines, Spirits and Beer. Each is hand chosen to fit seamlessly with our food.

The menu also celebrates and reflects our city’s diversity in following the European and Asian traditions of sharing plates (and with price points that are a bit easier to digest). We hope these old-world dining traditions enable and encourage our guests to enjoy a more delectable and worldly culinary experience.

Reflect is happy to accept reservations for small parties.

Breakfast Brunch Lunch Dinner Tapas Late Night Menu Take Out
Open: 7 days per week 6am – 10pm
Dining Average Cost: $20 - $30
Group sizes up to: up to 40 persons
Dining Style: Business Casual
Special Features: Buffet Breakfast, Patio Seating

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