Poor Italian Ristorante

  • 3296 East 1st Avenue
  • Vancouver, BC V5M 1B8
  • Phone: 604.251.1122
The Poor Italian, a Peasant’s Feast.

A reflection of how the Italian working class helped to define Italian cuisine…

Centuries ago, the division of the European classes was evident. Farmers and laborers formed the backbone of Italy; they toiled and lived off the land and made up the bulk of the work force. Where food was concerned, fancier fare, such as fine cuts of meat and expensive ingredients were reserved for upper class and royalty. The peasants took the simple ingredients afforded to them and proceeded to create one of the world’s most exquisite cuisines. The best dishes of Italy evolved from the peasant’s pantry!

The Poor Italian’s kitchen blends classic Italian cuisine with modern day flare delivery elegant, authentic and refined meals that are true to the Italian lifestyle.

In less than one year, we have managed to carve a spot in Vancouver’s renowned fine dining landscape. Our central location allows guests, throughout the lower mainland, to experience the creations of Executive Chef, John Costanzi.

When you visit The Poor Italian you will experience a range of dishes that reflect freshness, quality and a superior sampling of the rich regional diversity of Italy.

Executive Chef ~ John Costanzi
Sous Chef ~ Erik Smith

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Dining Average Cost: $45.00 (Average entrée cost $28.00)
Private Dining:
Dining Style: Casual, Fine, Family, Fun, Party
Special Features:Patio, View, Wheelchair Access, Bar, Private Parties, Parking, Sommelier
Entertainment: Jazz