On This Spot

  • 2601 Granville Street
  • Vancouver, BC V6H 3H2
  • Phone: 604.367.4973 , Toll Free: 185.587.5772 1
The On This Spot app takes people on guided walking tours through the history that surrounds them. At each stop on their journey, users will find themselves standing on the spot a historic photo was taken. They can view a then and now photo comparison, use the built-in camera to create their own, and read about local history and how it ties into the broader human experience. The On This Spot app seeks to harness this power, giving users an unprecedented capacity to engage with local history. We’ve emphasized a simple and intuitive interface so that anyone with a basic understanding of phone technology can easily navigate it. The historical information is presented in well-defined tiers, allowing us to provide unparalleled depth without overwhelming those with a more casual interest. We’ve designed the app to have the broadest appeal possible, from children to historians. Download the FREE App on your smartphone or tablet.
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