Mobi by Shaw Go (Vancouver Bike Share)

  • #1383 Venables Street
  • Vancouver, BC V5L 2G1
  • Phone: 778.655.1800

Mobi by Shaw Go is Vancouver’s public bike share system. With Vancouver’s generous bike lanes traveling by bike is the perfect way to get around and truly experience the diverse neighbourhoods of the city.

To get started:

  1. Visit or download the Mobi by Shaw Go app to sign up and view the station map. You can locate a bike at one of our 200+ stations across the city.
  2. Take unlimited 30 minute trips while your pass or membership is active. Dock the bike and unlock another to restart the 30 minute timer. Overage fees apply to trips longer than 30 minutes.
  3. Return your bike to any station. Slide the bike into the dock and wait for the beep.