LeSoleil Fine Art Gallery

  • 100-535 Howe Street
  • Vancouver, BC V6C 2Z4
  • Phone: (604) 565-2424

This Vancouver Art Gallery, located at 535 Howe Street, is a meticulous presentation of Fine Art with 2 floors boasting spectacular collections in Contemporary, Abstract, Figurative, Landscape, Cityscape and Still Life by Canadian and local Artists. 

We have British Columbia's largest collection of Original Old Master paintings and
sculptures  (more than 60) of Pablo Ruiz Picasso, Pierre-Auguste Renior, Wassily Kandinsky, Vincente Silva Manasala (the Natural Tressure of the Philappines), Joseph Le Tessier, Keith
Haring, Raoul Dufy and many more.

LeSoleil Fine Art, Vancouver, brings a combined experience of over 50 years in the Fine Art industry. Free admission.

We look forward to your visit !

LeSoleil Fine Art Gallery, 100-535 Howe Street, Vancouver, V6C 2Z4

Tel: 604-565-2424   Email:

Open: Monday- Saturday 10am-6pm
           Sunday - 11am-4pm



April 27, 2019

JACK HAER LEE a Vancouver Artist. Be inspired, enhance your creativity and education in Art. Artist Jack Haer Lee, believes that painting is a human power. Explore the ancient Chinese heritage & modern world with Jack's Live Painting TODAY. LeSoleil Fine Art Gallery opened its doors on Howe Street, bringing over 50 years experience in the art industry. The gallery presents 2 floors with more than 1,000 original paintings and sculptures by established local, Canadian, modern-day contemporary, French impressionist… more