Kitanoya Guu Garden

  • M101 - 888 nelson St.
  • Vancouver, BC V6Z 2H1
  • Phone: 604.899.0855
Guu Garden’s beer patio is waiting for you. In the summer, enjoy the classic izakaya dishes & beer under the starlit Vancouver sky.It’s also the only izakaya with a fully customizable party menu.
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  • Special Notes: 1. Vegetable roots "kinpira", turnip "tsukemono" and yu choy "shira-ae"(V) 2. Chilled elk roast with wasabi balsamic soy sauce and cauliflower puree 3. Green tea leaf smoked saba mackerel, pickled soft egg and potato salad 4. Five kinds of vegetable "kushi-age" with vegan bagna cauda dipping(V) 5. Uni mixed crab meat and ikura topped "bo-inari" sushi wrapped in sweet fried tofu 6. Deep-fried breaded ground bison "menchi-katsu" with shiso blue cheese sauce 7. Black truffle and soy milk cream fettuccine with mushrooms, chestnut and satsumaimo sweet potato(V) 8. Sake-steamed salmon and mussel "saka-mushi" with garlic herb butter 9. Dashi stewed wagyu beef and daikon with karashi mustard

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