Kitanoya Guu Garden

  • M101 - 888 nelson St.
  • Vancouver, BC V6Z 2H1
  • Phone: 604.899.0855
Guu Garden’s beer patio is waiting for you. In the summer, enjoy the classic izakaya dishes & beer under the starlit Vancouver sky.

It’s also the only izakaya with a fully customizable party menu, perfect for large groups. If you’re in a rush during lunch, call ahead & they’ll start cooking, so you can walk in, sit & start eating.

Dine Out - Dinner Menu


  • Special Notes: Guu is known as the first Izakaya (Japanese tapas) establishment in Vancouver, offering the most authentic real izakaya experience to Vancouver locals. This is as close you’ll get to the real deal….unless you fly to Japan! Using fresh local ingredients with Japanese traditional cooking techniques and our energetic passion, You will find real “umami” in our carefully created delicious dishes and feel “Guuu’d”!


  • Neighborhood: Downtown Vancouver
  • Cuisine Type: Japanese
  • Dinner Menu Price: $30
  • Reservation Status: Accepting Reservations
  • Vegetarian Options Available:

Alternative Menu Style

  • If No appetizers, Entrees, or Desserts Listed: Please choose two dishes from [A] and one dish from [B]. [A] Vegetable Appetizer Platter with Layered "Sunomono" Jelly with Seaweed, Cucumber and Paprika, Stewed "Kabocha", Kale and Quinoa "Gomaae" and Celery "Kinpira" (V) [A] Konbu and Chardonnay Steamed Pacific Parch, Mussels, Dried Scallops and Cherry Tomatoes with Thyme and Garlic Butter [A] "Saikyo Miso" Roast Lamb Leg with Garlic and Herbs [A] Steamed Market Vegetables Vegan Bagna Cauda (V) [A] Soy Marinated Bigeye Tuna and Blue Cheese Tartar with Toasted Garlic Bread [A] Alberta Horse Sashimi with Aged Garlic Soy Sauce [B] Black Truffle, Matsutake and Porcini "Zosui" Style Soy Milk Barley Risotto (V) [B] Seafood "Shabu Shabu" includes Lobster and Scallop with Mushrooms, Sui Choi, Carrot and Cilantro in a Hot Stone Bowl of "Dashi" Broth [B] 5oz "Wagyu" Beef Rare Steak with Wasabi Garlic Butter Soy Sauce