Kamei Baru

  • 990 Smithe St
  • Vancouver, BC V6Z 0A4
  • Phone: 604.559.8588
Introducing and spreading Japanese seafood from 1972, today we are the most experienced traditional and fusion Japanese seafood restaurant in Vancouver. Now we introduce another new level of fusion seafood.

We introduce Kamei Baru.

Dine Out - Dinner Menu


  • Special Notes: A great and unique collections of assorted appetizers and main dish with ending note of traditional Japanese dessert. Kamei Baru is an one of a kind fusion style Japanese Restaurant which provide the best ingridients cooked in Japanese and Western style. Please check our image photo for the Dine Out Menu for 2018!


  • Neighborhood: Downtown Vancouver
  • Cuisine Type: Japanese
  • Dinner Menu Price: $30
  • Reservation Status: Accepting Reservations

Appetizer 1

  • Appetizer 1: 5 kinds assorted appetizers: White Wine Prawn / Egg Tofu / Roast Duck / 3 Kinds of Sashimi / Nanban Style Sunomono

Entree 1

  • Entree 1: Teppan style Wagyu Kobe meat hamburger steak with vegetables

Entree 2

  • Entree 2: Black cod marinated with original saikyo miso cooked in Hoba leaf with vegetables.

Dessert 1

  • Dessert 1: Black honey kinako almond tofu