FedEx Office

  • Fairmont Waterfront
  • 900 Canada Place
  • Vancouver, BC V6C 3L5
  • Phone: 604.682.2996
Make planning for an event a breeze by sending your materials in advance of your arrival. We'll help you lighten your load and make your preparation a bit easier. Whether you need signs and banners, copying, packing and shipping, or last-minute office supplies, we have you covered. We can pack those items and ship them to and from the event to alleviate stress. Our FedEx Office hotel and convention centre is conveniently located in Vancouver Downtown at the Fairmont Hotel. This Business Centre is intended with the business traveler in mind and offers the critical business services you need to make your meeting or event a success. This unique facility offers a specialized setting with consultative staff to take care of your convention related projects. We understand that as an event exhibitor, you have specific needs. You want to build traffic to your booth, draw attention to a product or service, and gather contacts and information. The signage you choose for your event can mean the difference between highly anticipated, well-attended sessions and ones that don’t draw participants. Draw attention to your upcoming event, and make it easy for attendees to navigate event activities, with attention-grabbing graphics and smart design strategies. Alleviate the pressure of preparing for the event, and simplify the process of organizing the items you’ll need. Whether you’re planning for an event across town or across the country, shipping your materials to the event location makes planning easy. You can relax knowing that your items will be waiting for you when you arrive. When you need to ship items home after the event, FedEx Office is available to help you pack and ship your items. Discover the FedEx Office products and services that can help you increase attendance and create a memorable, well-organized event.