Fandine Technologies Ltd.

  • Metrotower 1 Suite 901
  • 4710 Kingsway Burnaby
  • Burnaby, BC V5H 4M2
  • Phone: (778) 379-1799
FanDine builds restaurant industry solutions to extend the dining experience into the online world. We are simplifying customer engagement and ultimately helping business grow. FanDine is designed to deliver enhanced restaurant services while marketing your restaurant through word-of-mouth promotions to help grow your business.We believe “Word of mouth” is the most powerful, credible and cost effective advertising tool, since the results speaks for itself. Our focus is to provide seamless solutions for your restaurant to operate and grow organically with loyal customers that will share their dinning experience through their social network to drive even more customers to your door. Our mission is to connect food lovers with their favorite restaurants within their community, establishing lasting and rewarding relationship between them. With our unique app and restaurant management web application we provide restaurants with the ability to attract new customers and keep them coming back. We strive everyday to turn every dining experience into an enduring relationship between foodies and restaurants.