Echo Valley Ranch & Spa LLP

  • PO Box 916
  • 10635 Jesmond Road
  • Clinton, BC V0K 1K0
  • Phone: 250.459.2386 , Toll Free: 800.253.8831
Echo Valley Ranch & Spa, awarded The Americas' Best Boutique Hotel 2014, is discovered at the unique convergence of 4 geographic zones in BC’s scenic Cariboo Region. Here, desert canyons meet grasslands underneath the Marble Mountains in a lush valley with endless views of the Chilcotin Mountains.

Unique log cabins, suites and lodge rooms hand built of local cedar and pine treat up to 40 guests in naturally luxurious comfort. What makes Echo Valley so special is however the "invisible luxury" guests can experience here: The difference llies in our attitude towards our business. What we do we do naturally. It’s true passion versus compelled smiles. It’s warm caring versus butlers’ etiquette guide. We grow much of our own food, every building has been placed in relation to the others, and the natural views are amazing.

Horseback, and hiking trails wind through green meadows and deep forests past trout-filled fly-fishing ponds. The mighty Fraser Canyon lures gold panners and photographers among its towering cliffs. Traditional Thai and western therapies re-energize both body and soul in the wellness spas and hydrotherapy tubs.

Garden fresh foods complement bubbling mountain spring water and ranch style meals that highlight the ranch’s ‘farm to fork’ approach to fine dining. Far away but never closer, the resort is easily reached by private plane, the spectacular Fraser Canyon rail route, by road, or a short commercial flight to Kamloops with a transfer.

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