Ebisu on Robson

  • 827 Bute St
  • Vancouver, BC V6E 3Y4
  • Phone: (604) 689-8266

The first and only Japanese Restaurant Lounge featuring some of the best deals for food & drinks in town! Delicious tapas with inventive, original sushi created by our master chefs trained in Japan! The trendy modern design of our spacious interior, many big screens and a huge projection TV help to set the perfect ambiance for any occasion from quick business lunches, intimate romantic dinners or large parties of any size!

Set in the heart of Robson street this stylish izakaya restaurant lounge is the hottest spot that many local dining enthusiasts have been craving for! Our innovative adaptation plays with the contrast of East meets West. Ranging from the freshest sashimi straight out of Japan to home-cooked dishes with a twist. Oriental style pasta, juicy grilled chicken or delectable sushi seared right in front of you! There is definitely something for everyone!

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(604) 689-8266

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  • Seasons Of Operation:
    • All
  • Year Opened: 2006
  • Maximum Group Size: 150
  • Group Bookings:
  • Languages Spoken:
    • Cantonese
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Mandarin
  • Parking:


  • Total Restaurant/Nightclub Capacity: 180
  • Happy Hour:
    • Daily
  • Meal Type:
    • Lunch
    • Dinner
  • Patio:
  • View:

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  • Neighborhood: Downtown Vancouver
  • Cuisine Type: Japanese
  • Dinner Menu Price: $40
  • Reservation Status: Accepting Reservations

Appetizer 1

  • Appetizer 1: Seared Hokkaido Sea Scallops topped with Uni & Japanese Caviar in Lobster Américaine

Appetizer 2

  • Appetizer 2: Atlantic Deep Sea Red Crab meat Motoyaki on rosemary garlic infused olive oil baguette

Entree 1

  • Entree 1: Nova Scotia Lobster on Linguine with Japanese Ikura in Tomato sauce

Entree 2

  • Entree 2: Alaskan Sablefish Black Cod with Umami Truffle Dashi broth

Dessert 1

  • Dessert 1: Azuki Red Bean and Green Tea Matcha Cream Japanese Roll Cake

Dessert 2

  • Dessert 2: Mont Blanc - Sweetened chestnuts topped with whipped cream on sponge cake