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  • Phone: 604.565.4401
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Anybody who's traveled along the ancient silk road will know of the quaint dhabba's (eateries) that have served adventurous travellers through the centuries. Today, these dhabba's have transformed into charming little street vendors that dot the silk road from Mongolia through Tibet, India, Persia, to Istanbul.

At East is East, we capture the vibrant energy of these charming dhabbas that represent the beauty and diverse flavours of this ancient region.

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  • Special Notes: Our Dine Out To/Go menu offers one appetizer, our tasting menu Chai Feast and one dessert.


  • Cuisine Type: Mediterranean
  • Gluten-Free Options Available:
  • Price: $35
  • Neighborhood: Main Street / Mt. Pleasant
  • Reservation Status: Accepting Reservations
  • Vegetarian Options Available:

To Go Menu Description

  • Description: APPETIZERS: Choose an appetizer of your choice MASALA PRAWNS - Prawns sautéed in garlic butter, infused with South Indian spices, served over basmati rice (Gluten Free) EGGPLANT BOULANI- Traditional Afghan whole wheat roti stuffed with eggplant, potato, yam, chives and herbs. (Vegan/Gluten Free-Option) MANGO PRAWNS - Prawns sautéed in garlic butter, spicy mango, lime leaf, star anise curry served over basmati rice (Gluten Free) Chai Feast: Our Signature tasting menu To/Go includes any three main dishes, Dhal or Mystic soup, mixed green or Persian salad, side boulani and a mix of Afghan and Basmati rice -Main Dishes- AFGHAN EGGPLANT - Baked eggplant casserole with herbs, tomatoes, onions and garlic (Vegan-GF) CHANA MASALA - Chickpeas, onions, tomatoes, herbs & spices simmered into a savoury curry (Vegan-GF) ALU GOBI - Cauliflower and potato in a tangy tomato coconut sauce (Vegan-GF) MANGO BUTTERNUT SQUASH - Butternut squash and mango cooked with coconut milk, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon and curry leaves (Vegan-GF) SPINACH PANEER- Puréed spinach with cubed paneer cheese (GF) VEGAN SPINACH - Whipped spinach with mushrooms (Vegan-GF) PEAS & CHEESE - Peas and ripened paneer cheese cooked with potatoes and Indian spices (GF) CREAMY MUSHROOM & EGGPLANT-Nut-based cream sauce with mushrooms, eggplant, sun-dried tomatoes (Vegan-GF) CHICKEN MASALA - Roasted chicken, cooked in a spicy cream sauce (GF) LAMB CURRY - Lamb roasted in ginger, onion, garlic and five spice curry (GF) WILD SALMON - Baked wild salmon in a green Thai coconut milk curry (GF) DESSERTS: Choose a dessert of your choice CHOCOLATE PUDDING - chocolate pudding with cherries topped with mixed berries and coconut (Vegan-GF) KHIR - Rice pudding with cashews, cardamom and rosewater (Vegan Option Available - GF) GULAB JAMAN - traditional Indian hot cakes topped with cashews, cardamom and rosewater


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  • Largest Private Room Capacity: 40
  • Live Entertainment:
  • Meal Type:
    • Dinner
  • Patio:
  • Total Restaurant/Nightclub Capacity: 70
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  • Free Parking:
  • Maximum Group Size: 70
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  • Seasons Of Operation:
    • All
  • Year Last Renovated: 2019
  • Year Opened: 2005

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