Crafted Vancouver

  • Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Phone: (604) 669-3099

Crafted Vancouver - Made To Be Discovered

May 6-30, 2019

Crafted Vancouver is a not-for-profit, independent organization dedicated to showcasing exceptional contemporary and traditional craft from a selection of local, national and international makers, the unknown and the celebrated. We organize an annual 25-day festival celebrating multiple craft disciplines in a fresh festival format. Taking place at many venues, our wide array of self-guided events includes: demonstrations, exhibitions, film nights, private walks and studio tours, workshops, artist talks & presentations and dining and tasting events. 

In addition to featuring our own signature events our event partners include: galleries, museums & institutions, craft guilds, organizations and associations, craft & design educational institutions, cultural organizations, luxury retail, collectors, scholars, curators, embassies, writers, restaurants, chefs and other food & beverage partners.  

Crafted Vancouver and our event partners are dedicated to highlighting the skilled contemporary craft maker, both locally and globally, including indigenous peoples and other cultural groups whose members continue to honour traditional craft making practices handed down through the ages, here in our city, and in the global exchange of craft through the ages.

Each event is carefully selected to cultivate interest and appreciation of fine craft between skilled craftspeople, the dedicated collector and an emerging craft appreciator market in intimate settings and encounters.

Our aim is always to celebrate unique pieces in smaller quantities with greater meaning.