Coastal Peoples Fine Arts Gallery - Gastown

  • 332 Water Street
  • Unit 200
  • Vancouver, BC V6B 1B6
  • Phone: (604) 684-9222 , Toll Free: 888.686.9298

A leading First Nations fine art gallery established in 1996, Coastal Peoples is ideally situated in historic Gastown. Each has an inviting atmosphere within a restored warehouse setting which complements the exquisitely handcrafted artwork by authentic aboriginal artists inhabiting British Columbia’s Northwest Coast and the Inuit communities of Canada’s Arctic regions.

Arts & Cultural Experience

Visitors tell us "...your collection is as fine as the Museum of Anthropology..."

Coastal Peoples showcases museum-quality artwork and is reputed to represent some of the finest master carvers and newly emerging talent on the Westcoast. The unparalleled collection is focused on culturally significant contemporary art works identifying the diverse nations. Seasoned and new collectors alike can experience the stories and mythologies behind these fascinating people and their art form by visiting the gallery in person or online and gain access to its expansive collection.

Impressive Art & Jewelry Collection

Discover a monumental collection of ceremonial masks, totem poles, bowls and rattles, bentwood boxes, basketry, paddles, prints, original paintings, miniatures, argillite carvings, glass sculptures and much more. Featuring one of the best collections of handcrafted First Nations jewelry in Vancouver - fine gold and sterling silver - custom wedding bands are a specialty.

Entertainment & Education

New exhibitions open every year with full and small scale works by leading First Nations artists of the day. Each piece of artwork is carefully chosen and displayed with the utmost prudence.

Excellent selection of literature, reference books, artist biographies and knowledgeable gallery associates.

Specialized Services

Professional, personalized services for corporate gifts; conventions market; art displays, satellite gallery; private cultural tours; exclusive shopping experiences; art rentals; corporate art sales; and appraisals.

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April 27, 2019

Up close and personal - join us for an entertaining afternoon to engage with artist Maynard Johnny Jr. (Kwakwaka'wakw/Coast Salish) while he creates one of his latest new works. In recollecting his earlier years, Maynard remembers how his mother was pivotal in awakening his artistic calling. As his career gained momentum, Maynard was asked to create the design on a cedar box for the 2009 Juno Music Awards, which was given to the presenters and the nominees. The inspiration for his passion comes from the privilege of… more

May 18, 2019

Up close and personal - join us for a conversation with the artist. Trace Yeomans will discuss how she works in fabric applique and other materials in her art, her inspiration and technique in designing pieces that are culturally significant to her combined Haida and Ukrainian heritage. "My art has always been a reflection of who I am. My father was Ukrainian, while my mother was Haida; my goal is to bring both those cultures together in my art. I often use Haida style designs with oil paintings and wood carvings. For… more

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