Barbershop Films

  • 409-611 Alexander Street
  • Vancouver, BC V6A 1E1
  • Phone: 604.681.2447
Barbershop Films believes that motion pictures are an emotional language and the most powerful tool for human storytelling. Told well, these stories have the power to deeply engage people and impact the way they see the world, and their role within it. We believe that through empathetic listening, curiosity and creative expression, we create work that inspires, and empowers change. EVERY BRAND HAS A STORY TO TELL We help brands of all sizes find their story and explore how it can best be told. Then we bring it to life for their audience in a way that engages and connects. THE HUMAN CONDITION CREATES POWERFUL STORIES We have a passion for documentary work that peels back the layers on deep-rooted ideas. By looking at humanity through a caring and empathetic lens we aim to reveal new ways to think about the world around us.



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