Arts Club Theatre Company - Stanley Alliance Industrial Stage

  • 2750 Granville Street
  • Vancouver, BC V6H 3J3
  • Phone: 604.687.5315

The Arts Club Theatre Company is the largest theatre company in Western Canada. Each year, over a quarter of a million people experience the best in professional theatre at its three venues: the Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage, Granville Island Stage, and Goldcorp Stage at the BMO Theatre Centre, as well as on tour throughout the province. Its popular productions range from musicals and contemporary comedies to new works and classics. The Arts Club Theatre Company also expands its audiences outside Vancouver though a three-show mini-season tour presented at venues around British Columbia.

The legendary Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage is a newly renovated art deco theatre that originally opened in 1931 as a cinema and Vaudeville House. It is a 650-seat venue featuring complete sound, lighting and fly systems, a box office and full bar service. Located in the stylish South Granville community, the award winning Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage is within walking distance of convenient parking facilities and an eclectic mix of shops and restaurants.

February 8, 2018 - March 10, 2018

Thursday February 8 - Saturday March 10, 2018 Granville Island Stage, Vancouver Alison's father was many things: a historical preservationist, a funeral home director, a distant parent, and...a closeted gay man. In the struggle to understand her father while also dealing with her own coming out… more

January 25, 2018 - February 25, 2018

Thursday January 25 - Sunday February 25, 2018 Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage, Vancouver Four actors, a director, a playwright, and one grand dream of Broadway-bound success. Anything from a forgotten line to a faulty wig may just make or break their new Canadian play. Can this motley crew set… more

March 1, 2018 - March 25, 2018

Thursday March 1 - Sunday March 25, 2018 Goldcorp Stage at the BMO Theatre Centre, Vancouver When Jane's husband Tom is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, they face a difficult journey ahead. Will love and humour be enough to brace their family for the future? Can Jane reconcile her dreams with today's… more

March 22, 2018 - April 22, 2018

Thursday March 22 - Sunday April 22, 2018 Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage, Vancouver When three generations of the Blake clan descend on a rundown lower Manhattan duplex for Thanksgiving dinner, much more is simmering than the gravy. As the holiday gaiety subsides, the pressures weighing on the… more

April 5, 2018 - May 5, 2018

Thursday April 5 - Saturday May 5, 2018 Granville Island Stage, Vancouver Successful romance novelist Paul Sheldon is rescued from a car crash by his "Number One Fan," Annie Wilkes, and wakes up in her secluded home in the mountains of Colorado. While Annie nurses him back to health, Paul soon… more

April 12, 2018 - May 6, 2018

Thursday April 12 - Sunday May 6, 2018 Goldcorp Stage at the BMO Theatre Centre, Vancouver From childhood until old age, Liz and Lou are sisters who go through life mostly as friends, but sometimes as foes. Liz is a steady-minded biologist while Lou is a free-spirited painter, and their… more

May 10, 2018 - July 8, 2018

Thursday May 10 - Sunday July 8, 2018 Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage, Vancouver An island paradise in Greece sets the stage for the ultimate feel-good show! A daughter's quest to find her biological father before her wedding brings together three men from her mother's past. Who will walk her down… more

June 14, 2018 - July 29, 2018

Thursday June 14 - Saturday July 29, 2018 Granville Island Stage, Vancouver A Dublin street musician is struggling through heartbreak and frustrated with his songs when he chances upon a girl who challenges him to go for his dream. With a company of actors who all play instruments onstage, this… more