• Pacific Central Station
  • 1150 Station St.
  • Vancouver, BC V6A 4C7
  • Phone: 503.227.8044 , Toll Free: 800.USA.RAIL

Experience the splendor of the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia aboard Amtrak Cascades. Daily rail service between Eugene, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver, British Columbia is available on these sleek, European-style trains.

Custom-built for the Northwest, these trains include bicycle, ski and snowboard racks, as well as checked baggage service. Additionally, Amtrak Cascades trains feature a unique suspension system that allows the train to tilt through curves, permitting higher speeds and shortening travel time.

Inside the train, nearly every wide, comfortable seat has a built-in electrical outlet for laptops or other devices. With a Bistro Car featuring local food and drink, plus available Business Class seating, Amtrak Cascades is the most refreshing way to get to Vancouver.

Regardless of whether you’re on a weekend getaway or a business trip, Amtrak Cascades is the energy-efficient travel choice, using less fuel and emitting fewer greenhouse gasses per passenger-mile than cars or airplanes, all without the hassles of the freeway or the stress of air travel.