Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival

Bard on the Beach is Canada’s second-largest professional Shakespeare festival, and over 100,000 people from Vancouver and around the world flow through its gates each June through September. With an unforgettable setting on the waterfront in centrally-located Vanier Park, the festival offers Shakespeare plays and related dramas along with a summer-long program of music concerts and special events. Performances are staged in two modern theatre tents, surrounded by the informal and welcoming Bard Village space.

The 730-seat Mainstage Theatre tent is home to two large-scale Shakespearean productions each season. The back of the tent behind the stage is open so that the actors perform against a spectacular backdrop of city skyline, mountains, sea and sky – a highlight of the unique Bard experience. The more intimate 240-seat Douglas Campbell tent offers stagings of Shakespeare plays with innovative production concepts or as adaptations, along with contemporary plays that tie in with the festival’s mandate to perform, explore and celebrate Shakespeare’s genius and legacy.

The Bard on the Beach festival experience is about more than simply the performances. Patrons can pre-book a picnic and dine at tables on the festival site before the show, purchase premium beers and wines and Bard’s signature popcorn plus other light snacks, participate in post-show discussions with Company actors and bring the kids to Family Night events.

Dates: June 1 - September 23, 2017

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