Ultimate Foodie Race YVR

  • September 23, 2018
  • Location: All over Vancouver
  • Address:
  • Secret Businesses
  • Vancouver, BC V3K 1C9
  • Admission: $35 for Recreational | $40 for Competitive
  • Phone: 403.923.1681


We are a culinary scavenger hunt adventure Amazing Race style race taking place in Vancouver on September 23rd. It’s a fun day of puzzles, secret businesses, checkpoints, tasks and food!

The day starts at our starting location where you will receive a “passport” guide book filled with puzzles that will lead you to amazing local businesses all over Vancouver. Once you discover the businesses names, you’ll race to them in the most strategic way possible. At each businesses you’ll discover a clue that when put all together will lead you to a special checkpoint.

There will be 3 “heats” The special checkpoint marks the end of each heat. Once it has been completed there is a small break and then the next heat will start. You get a new guide book to start each heat with new puzzles. There will be prizes awarded to the top in each heat, but once the next heat starts, everybody has an equal chance to win the heat.

We will have 2 categories, Recreational & Competitive

Recreational will have far easier puzzles, less strict rules, less awesome prizes, but will be designed so everybody can have fun and finish

Competitive will test your skills with harder puzzles created by our Master Puzzle Master, have amazing prizes but will have hard added tasks. This will test your skills and be an accomplishment to finish

This will be an unforgettable event and one you will not want to miss out on! There will be thousands of dollars worth of prizes and FOOD! Lots of Food.

You will also receive a finisher prize.

PS you can form your own team. Everybody buy a ticket and then email to resgieter our team and we’ll send you a confirmation.

Ultimate Foodie Race YVR
Secret Businesses