Samuel Roy-Bois: Reward Friends, Punish Enemies

  • Recurring daily
  • Times: Friday, July 5th - Ongoing
  • Location: The Polygon Gallery
  • Address:
  • 101 Carrie Cates Court
  • North Vancouver, BC V7M3J4

Samuel Roy-Bois (b. 1973, Québec City) is an internationally acclaimed artist living in Kelowna, BC. He works with a diverse range of media including photography, drawing, sculpture, performance, and installation to probe the socio-political dynamics of the built environment.

Reward Friends, Punish Enemies is a site-responsive installation - imagined as an intervention into the architectural space of The Polygon—that invokes histories of resource extraction and the forest industry on the North Shore. Venetian blinds made from horizontal slats of discarded cedar obstruct the vista of the Vancouver skyline, while fir-timber beams appear to penetrate The Polygon’s windows, extending from gallery’s interior into the plaza. Roy-Bois’ rustic, handcrafted aesthetic rubs against the steel-and-glass design of the gallery and the surrounding waterfront developments, upending distinctions between interior and exterior, private and public.

Friday, July 5th - Ongoing

The Polygon Gallery, Vancouver BC

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Samuel Roy-Bois: Reward Friends, Punish Enemies
101 Carrie Cates Court