PuSh Festival: The DJ Who Gave Too Much Information

  • February 7, 2020
  • Times: Friday, February 7th 2020
  • Location: Western Front
  • Address:
  • 303 East 8th Ave
  • Vancouver, BC

One turntable and dozens of records, each one with a story behind it. That’s the simple premise of PME-ART’s party performance; it’s all about the ways in which music helps to organize our memories, beliefs and perceptions. Romantic triumphs and catastrophes, moments of political awakening, tearful valedictions… so many events in our lives are tied to a particular tune.

At this event, audiences can listen, reflect, reminisce; they can have a drink at the bar; they can enter and leave as they please. The artists are keeping it casual—all the better to loosen up the mind. Some songs will get a laugh, some may provoke a tear or two; as for the stories, they run the gamut from entertaining anecdotes to accounts of epiphany.

Friday, February 7th 2020

Western Front, Vancouver BC

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PuSh Festival: The DJ Who Gave Too Much Information
303 East 8th Ave