PuSh Festival: KISMET, things have changed

  • February 4, 2020 - February 8, 2020
  • Recurring daily
  • Times: Tuesday, February 4th - Saturday, February 8th 2020
  • Location: Historic Theatre
  • Address:
  • 1895 Venables St
  • Vancouver, BC V5L 2H6

“What do you believe in?” Ten years ago, four artists in their late 20s travelled across Canada asking that question. Their 100 respondents ranged in age from one to 100, and the answers became part of an acclaimed touring show. Now the artists are back at it, only this time with a different query for the surviving interviewees: “How do you cope?” In this live performance, they present the responses, portray their cross-country trek and share their own stories of change over the decade.

Using projection, audio recordings and a continually transforming set, the quartet takes the audience through births and deaths, victories and defeats, sudden reversals and slow conversions. What emerges is a moving depiction of aging, as well as a rich human mosaic—glittering with insights, anecdotes and relatable detail. Growing outward from one blunt question, KISMET attains a remarkable breadth, and never for a moment does it sacrifice intimacy in doing so.

Tuesday, February 4th - Saturday, February 8th 2020

Historic Theatre, Vancouver BC

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PuSh Festival: KISMET, things have changed
1895 Venables St