Orpheum Theatre Self-Guided Tours

  • Location: Orpheum Theatre
  • Address:
  • 884 Granville Street
  • Vancouver, BC V6B 3L4

July 29 2017
Drop-in tours between 11:30am and 2:30pm

Orpheum Theatre
884 Granville Street

Immerse yourself in a piece of Vancouver’s history! Take a self-guided tour of the Orpheum concert hall, a national historic site. Learn about the venue’s interesting history and architecture, famous visitors and performers, and how the community once came together to save the Orpheum.

Tours are self-guided, with support from Vancouver Civic Theatres staff. Attendees are given one hour to wander the lobbies, staircases, and the mezzanine floor of the auditorium. Attendees will not be allowed backstage or on the stage.

Tickets $12
Groups of up to 30 $200

Orpheum Theatre Self-Guided Tours
884 Granville Street