Lake Street Dive

  • May 29, 2018
  • Times: 8:00pm
  • Location: Commodore Ballroom
  • Address:
  • 868 Granville St
  • Vancouver, BC V6Z 1K3

Tuesday, May 29 2018, 8:00PM

Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver

Lake Street Dive seem to have a band motto. Not a lot of bands do that because not a lot of bands should do that but in their case, it works. That’s because it’s a simple, yet precise description of the band and their music, it’s simply “two girls, two guys, and a whole lotta feelings”. It sums up the basic idea of the band pretty well, what it doesn’t cover is their delectable indie-soul sensibilities or the way they’ve built themselves up the most natural way that they could.

The four members began playing together in 2004, but the origins of the band begin a year later. Double bassist Bridget Kearney wrote a song that the band performed for the John Lennon Songwriting contest, and promptly won in the Jazz category. They won a cash prize and 1000 CD’s pressed, which led to them independently releasing their first album “In This Episode…” in 2006.

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Lake Street Dive
868 Granville St