In My Kitchen: Raclette Experience with Celine

  • Times: From: 05:30 PM to 08:30 PM
  • Phone: 604-329-8091

The perfect culinary adventure to celebrate the upcoming New Year! You will spend most of your time around the dining room table, enjoying a leisurely meal of melted, bubbling cheese that you will slide over various ingredients that you prepped in the kitchen.  Good conversation, a relaxed atmosphere and the sharing of stories, round out this culinary and cultural experience.  You are invited to bring wine to this experience the suggest wine pairing is:  Sauvignon Blanc.

Céline's Raclette experience takes place in her heritage home near Commercial drive, a culturally rich and authentic neighbourhood - also known as The Drive. Céline believes in fresh "clean" cooking, which is influenced by her Swiss background and from her time spent on her Mother's hobby farm in the Kootenays. Céline embraces family, traditions and food that nourishes the soul. 

All In My Kitchen experiences are intimate cooking experiences where passionate and knowledgeable home cooks invite you into their home to share their recipes and culture.

In My Kitchen: Raclette Experience with Celine