Dance In Transit

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  • Downtown
  • Vancouver, BC

Saturday May 20 - Saturday Sepetember 2, 2017

Various Locations in Downtown Vancouver

If you think dancing isn't for you, you haven't tried it yet. If you can walk, you can dance. Dance in Transit is a street dancing festival—it's not about wearing special clothes or fancy shoes, it's about moving to music, one foot at a time. It's safe, healthy, good for your brain and body, & will make you feel alive!

This will be the longest, largest dance event in the history of Vancouver. Dance in Transit is FREE outdoor dancing in four magnificent downtown venues: Robson Square, Queen Elizabeth Plaza, Plaza of Nations, & Jim Deva Plaza.

Dance in Transit will feature many dance styles and will include mini-lessons, demonstrations, performances, music, & lots of social dancing. It will be a chance for dancers to learn new styles, practice the styles they already know, and experience these venues in the fresh air while moving to the best music made for dancing. It is also an opportunity for non-dancers to see what social dancing is all about, to try it, to feel what dancers feel in an open, no-pressure environment. Everyone who attends will feel like a part of this movement because one of our jobs is to make sure of that.

Check out our schedule of dates, times, & venues. We hope to see you on the dance floor!

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Dance In Transit