Cooking with Naomi: Exploring Japanese Flavours

  • Admission: $125 for 4 hour Immersion Experience $95 for 2 hour Taste of Experience
  • Phone: 604-329-8091

This unique cooking class is about exploring flavours. Standard Japanese flavours are combined in unique ways to develop new and inspiring dishes.  Naomi will decipher the Japanese labels on the ingredients and show you exactly what to buy and where.  In the Immersion class you will make 10 different dishes together.

Naomi is from the Kansai a region, where the people are very particular about if a food has Umami (the savory of the five basic tastes).  If a food does not have Umami, it gets passed over! When asked what her focus is with her cooking, Naomi’s response is: “I aim to achieve Umami in every single dish”.

In My Kitchen is a hands-on cooking experience where passionate and knowledgeable home cooks from diverse cultural backgrounds invite you into their home to share their recipes and culture. Please visit our website to view available menus.

All workshops are informal, warm and welcoming. They include a light snack upon arrival, approximately 2.5 hours of "in the kitchen" time, learning the recipes and participating in making the dishes, a full dinner, and a booklet of recipes and in-depth culinary info.

Cooking with Naomi: Exploring Japanese Flavours