Family Day Trip to Vancouver

It's tempting in summer to let each day blend into one. To lay back and let the weeks melt into months. That temptation might hold true for every other summer, but as the bulk of 2020 has been spent indoors so far, we're sure you're ready for a change of pace.  

It's at last time for a bit of fresh air, and thankfully Vancouver has it in spades! We know it might be a bit daunting leaving your burrow for the first time in months, so we're here to walk you through a good day spent in our city. But hey, it's your day, so visit our attractions page and feel free to swap in your own picks!



Family Dinner Time

Vancouver is chock full of kid-approved menus, but it's good to know where you're headed before things get hangry. Any of these options will hit the spot after a long day of exploring.


A solid start to your #VancouverComeBack. Whatever you decide to do, the amount of things to do in Vancouver could fill countless day trips. We're thrilled to have you back!