Case Studies

Becoming part of the Be a Host program and bringing your conference, congress or meeting to Vancouver is ripe with rewards. If you’ve never brought a meeting to the city, you might have some questions about the process and what to expect. Below you’ll find case studies with timelines from major events brought to Vancouver by local hosts and committees, supported by the Be a Host program.

2018 International Ornithological Congress

Local Host: Dr. Bob Elner

In August 2018, Vancouver will host the International Ornithological Congress (IOC), the 27th meeting of the oldest, largest and most prestigious bird-related scientific gathering in the world. The Be a Host program initially researched the potential for hosting the international congress before getting in contact with the association, and then with local host is Dr. Bob Elner, a scientist emeritus with Environment Canada and Adjunct Professor at Simon Fraser University. In 2010, Dr. Elner attended one of Be a Host’s “Vancouver Bid Seminars” to learn more about bringing the meeting to Vancouver.

Vancouver hosted the North American Ornithological Conference in 2012, the success of which set the stage for the city to bid on the international congress. The following year, the local organizing committee, led by Dr. Elner, formally submitted their bid to the International Ornithologists Union (IOU), the association that organizes the IOC, after gaining support from the City of Vancouver and other local groups. At the 2014 IOC in Tokyo, the group made their bid presentation, and Vancouver was announced as the 2018 congress host later at the same meeting.

"Be a Host gave me the tools and vision and encouragement to make a world-class bid on a world stage for the most prestigious and oldest ornithological meeting in the world." – Dr. Bob Elner

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2015 World Congress of Dermatology

Local Hosts: Dr. Harvey Lui and Dr. Jerry Shapiro

In June 2015, Vancouver hosted the 23rd World Congress of Dermatology. The meeting brought approximately 15,000 delegates to the city, making it one of Vancouver’s biggest conferences to date. Local dermatologists Dr. Harvey Lui and Dr. Jerry Shapiro partnered with the Be a Host program to plan, compile, submit a comprehensive bid that ultimately won over the voting committee. Vancouver is known to have a strong dermatology program, and Dr. Lui and Dr. Shapiro knew that bringing their peers to meet in the city would bring recognition to the work being done in the field by Canada’s 650 dermatologists. This was the third attempt to bring the congress to Vancouver – the difference being that this time they reached out to Be a Host right at the beginning of the process.

“Bringing the World Congress of Dermatology to Vancouver was one of my career highlights. It elevated the status of the dermatology research we are doing here in Vancouver and contributed to some stellar advancements in the field. The Be A Host program was absolutely critical to our success in winning the congress bid. And Tourism Vancouver and the Vancouver Convention Centre helped us put on a truly spectacular event in Vancouver.” – Dr. Harvey Lui