Vancouver, BC (January 21, 2013): After more than two years of planning and collaboration, the process to develop Vancouver's first Tourism Master Plan is officially underway. A joint effort of the City of Vancouver, Tourism Vancouver, Vancouver Economic Commission and the Vancouver Convention Centre, the plan will assess and define the product development needs of Vancouver's tourist attractions, services, facilities and transportation in order to create a long-term strategy for sustainability and management of tourism in the city.

The plan's formulation involves a six-month process that includes feedback from industry stakeholders, business improvement associations and residents of Vancouver neighbourhoods. Through interviews, workshops and on-line surveys, these individuals and organizations will help to identify, create and articulate the products, experiences, amenities and programming - along with required policies and protocol - that will guide the long-term planning and design of Vancouver as a world-class tourism destination. Resonance Consultancy, a local firm that has worked on more than 100 tourism and development consulting projects in 65 countries, will guide the process.

"The notion of a Tourism Master Plan for Vancouver came out of Rethink Vancouver, an industry collaboration led by Tourism Vancouver that recommended steps to help Vancouver achieve its goal of becoming a World City," said R. Gordon Johnson, Tourism Vancouver's Board Chair. "The plan will help articulate that vision by determining how we can grow tourism in a responsible, sustainable and economically viable manner while ensuring the needs of residents, visitors and tourism businesses are met."

"We're thrilled that Resonance Consultancy is on board to help guide the planning process," said Paul Vallee, Tourism Vancouver's executive vice president. "The Tourism Master Plan is a massive undertaking that brings together marketing and destination management and unites the tourism industry with the community. We look forward to working with Resonance, the City, the Vancouver Convention Centre and other partners to build Vancouver into the world city we know it can be." 

Objectives of the Vancouver Tourism Master Plan include:

  • Create consensus among stakeholders of the trends impacting our industry, as well as the threats and opportunities they represent;
  • Identify growth and expansion opportunities for Vancouver's tourism industry;
  • Identify tourism industry actions and activities that benefit Vancouver's economy and social well-being;
  • Create protocols for inter-governmental/agency decision making and planning;
  • Structure policies to inform and direct municipal planning and development in a manner that supports tourism development goals and objectives;
  • Prioritize the use of resources to achieve general and specific goals established throughout the process;
  • Provide guidelines and information on conducting individual agency, business or organization planning processes and operations;

• Identify sustainable financing and funding models.


Ultimately, the plan promotes businesses, officials and communities working in harmony to ensure Vancouver's tourism industry meets the future needs of residents, visitors, investors and stakeholders. For information and updates about the Tourism Master Plan, click here.