Scuba Diving

Most people think of the tropics when they think of scuba diving, but the area around Vancouver has some of the best cold water scuba diving in the world. Scuba divers plunge the frigid waters between Vancouver Island and the mainland to view spectacular marine species like the wolf eel and giant Pacific octopus, as well as a brilliant red coral found in few other places around the world.

Cates Park in Deep Cove, as well as Whytecliff Park and Porteau Cove near Horseshoe Bay are popular diving sites, and many Vancouver scuba enthusiasts get their feet wet here first. On the Sunshine Coast, the jagged coastal fjord of Jervis Inlet near Powell River provides a stunning backdrop for finding a sunken mermaid that has been submerged by local diving enthusiasts. Some shipwrecks off the Malaspina Strait still yield buried treasures!

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