First Nations Art

Discover First Nations Art in Vancouver

From the moment you land at Vancouver International Airport, you’ll find yourself surrounded by local First Nations art. You’ll see the symbolic designs telling stories, marking events and decorating buildings throughout the city. Many of Vancouver’s must-see attractions incorporate sculptures, story poles and other artworks, such as Bill Reid’s beautiful killer whale sculpture at the entrance of the Vancouver Aquarium.

For visitors, First Nations art can be a way to truly experience a unique culture. Because art was often worn or used for practical purposes — in ceremonies and storytelling, for example — First Nations art pieces provide a great deal of insight into aboriginal life. You’ll find excellent examples of First Nations art in places such as the Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art, and the UBC Museum of Anthropology.

After learning about First Nations art, you may well find yourself looking for a unique souvenir to take home. Along with both attractions having high-quality items in their gift shops, Vancouver is home to some spectacular private galleries that specialize in First Nations art. Here are a few to check out: