Get a Full-Body Workout in Vancouver

Active visitors will quickly discover that Vancouver is like a giant playground just waiting to be explored. Whether you’re jumping into a game of volleyball at Kitsilano Beach or rollerblading along the Stanley Park seawall, there are countless ways to experience the city while also getting some exercise. Follow these ideas to get a workout in Vancouver — and to get a great introduction to the city, too. 

Hiking for cardio

Vancouver’s varied terrain is ideal for offering a range of scenic hiking trails, from smooth seaside pathways to dramatic, rugged routes. Lace up your boots and get your heart pumping on a hike that suits your fitness level. Novices can enjoy the waterfront trails at Lighthouse Park, whereas seasoned trailblazers will love the challenge of the Grouse Grind. Here are a few more ideas for hiking in Vancouver

Kayaking for arms 

There’s no shortage of reasons to get out on the water in Vancouver, but for an unparalleled upper body workout, spend the afternoon paddling in a kayak. You’ll hardly even notice your arm muscles getting tired with the diversion of waterfront views of the city, lounging seals, soaring seagulls and vibrant sunsets. Call Deep Cove Canoe & Kayak Centre to choose from a range of excursions along Indian Arm, a breathtaking fjord with views of lush forests and ample marine life. Or choose from one of Vancouver’s other kayaking companies.

Paddleboarding for core

If surfboards could have training wheels, a paddleboard would be the closest thing to it. These wide, long boards allow you to stand upright and float across the water as you use a long paddle to propel yourself forward. But don’t be fooled by how easy it looks. This increasingly popular sport is an excellent way to get your arms and core muscles lean and strong while enjoying some time out on Vancouver’s waterfront. Rent a paddleboard from Ecomarine Paddlesport Centres at English Bay Beach or Granville Island, or take one of their classes or tours. 

Bike riding for legs

You don’t have to look far to find great bike rides around Vancouver. From leisurely city routes to challenging mountain climbs, there’s a bike trail to suit every skill level. Bring your own bicycle or rent one from companies such as ezeeRiders Bike and Snowboard Rentals. To maximize your sightseeing and your exercise routine, use your two wheels to explore Stanley Park, a sprawling urban escape with numerous attractions including fragrant flower gardens, First Nations totem poles, the Brockton Point Lighthouse, scenic beaches, and, of course, the famous seawall: an 8.8-kilometre (5.5 mile) paved pathway that loops around the park. 

Golf for back

What better way to get a workout than by spending the day along rolling greens and beautiful fairways? While you’re in town, work on your swing and your back muscles by playing a round of golf on one of Vancouver’s public golf courses. These well-kept grounds prove that even public courses can have great design features and majestic views. 

Yoga for flexibility

As the birthplace of yoga-inspired apparel company lululemon athletica, Vancouver is the perfect city to practice some poses. Yoga is a low-impact workout that can relieve stress, strengthen your core and stretch sore muscles after working out around the city.