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vancouver's rain Vancouver's Rain
People arriving in Vancouver by air are struck by how fresh and clean the air is. The scent of ocean, mountains and pine greet locals and visitors alike, reminding them how special this place is.
city view video thumb Vancouver: City View
Showcasing Vancouver's energetic and exciting urban side.
video-wanting Wanting Qu - Tourism Ambassador to China
An intimate exploration of Vancouver with Wanting as host, her life as color and her music as emotion.
It's You..Vancouver Screenshot It's You...Vancouver
Incorporating a local band and original song, "It's You... Vancouver" is the world's first professionally produced destination film in music video format.
Video Destination Tourism Vancouver destination film
Showcasing the beauty and diversity of Vancouver British Columbia.
Leisure Tourism Vancouver Leisure Destination Film
Video Dolphin White sided dolphins in Howe Sound May 2010
Vancouver Aquarium captured this spectacular footage of dolphins playing right on our doorstep.
Timelapse Vancouver City
"Vancouver City" video is an artistic collaboration between InnerLife Project with TimeLapseHd

There is no better way to appreciate a place than by visiting. In the meantime, appreciate it through someone else's experience on Tourism Vancouver's YouTube channel. Check it out.

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