Gay-friendly Vancouver


The largest gay population in Western Canada lives in this ocean-wrapped and snow-capped city. Its gay community is centred around two distinctly different neighbourhoods - the West End and Commercial Drive, both of which enjoy a wide variety of restaurants, coffee shops, pubs and boutiques catering to gays and lesbians.

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    Out in Vancouver

    Tourism Vancouver's special edition LGBT newsletter, specifically written to spread the word about what's in when you're out!

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  • Gay-Friendly Events


    Get a list of upcoming Gay and Lesbian events for 2015, including the Queer Arts Festival, Vancouver Pride Parade and Festival, the Vancouver Queer Film Festival, and much more!

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  • Gay-Friendly (TAG)  Hotels

    Gay-Friendly (TAG) Hotels

    These Vancouver hotels have all received TAG Gay-Welcoming accreditation.

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  • Neighbourhoods & Nightlife

    Neighbourhoods & Nightlife

    Vancouver has long been established as a gay-friendly destination - one where the LGBT community lives throughout the city. So where can visitors go to find the very best of Vancouver's gay culture? Read on to find out!

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  • Guide to Pride

    Guide to Pride

    If you had any doubts about Vancouver's progressive, welcoming spirit, the Vancouver Pride Parade and Festival will heartily put them to rest.

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  • Gay-Friendly Resources

    Gay-Friendly Resources

    Both Travel Marketing and the Vancouver Pride Society are excellent online resources that provide visitors with an insiders look at the gay-friendly side of Vancouver.

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