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For over 100 years, the excited screech of seagulls has signaled the unloading of the day's catch of salmon on the docks of the historic fishing village of Steveston, Richmond's historic fishing community on the south arm of the Fraser River. The village is still home to an active fishing fleet which ties up at the wharves below the boardwalk and offers visitor's a chance to buy fresh fish right off the boat. You can even get out on the water in search of larger prey with a whale watching tour from Vancouver Whale Watch. Nearby, the impressive Gulf of Georgia Cannery has been meticulously restored and is now an impressive museum dedicated to the fishing industry.

This idyllic setting of heritage homes and waterfront walks is in complete contrast to the bright lights and excitement of Richmond's city centre which a vibrant Asian community has helped shape. Here you'll find the city's dramatic new city hall complex, an amazing array of shops and restaurants where award winning dim sum, Vietnamese pho and seafood with a twist will satisfy any appetite. The city's many malls - legendary for their size and variety - bring you a world of shopping not found anywhere else in the lower mainland.

Richmond's exciting cultural life is seen in its museums and galleries that highlight local artists. The theatre is home to professional productions and community performances. The Asian influence is expressed in the magnificent Buddhist temple complex and gardens of the International Buddhist Society on Steveston Highway. The city's heritage is reflected in the preserved houses, farmsteads and churches throughout the city.

Richmond's parks provide a number of recreational opportunities from field sports, nature walks and golfing. The extensive network of dykes protecting the city from the river, have become popular walking and biking trails and provide the perfect place to observe bald eagles and other bird life of the tidal flats.

Equally important to Richmond and the surrounding region is the award winning Vancouver International Airport. Aircraft have always been important to the city, the first flight in British Columbia was flown from here in 1910. Today's airport has grown to match its importance. Expansion is ongoing and has included an attached hotel with its signature roof shaped to resemble an airplane wing. Inside on the concourses you'll find an impressive public art program which includes the stunning Bill Reid sculpture of "The Spirit of Haida Gwaii"

Richmond's location just south of Vancouver means that its great choice of accommodation is near to all the action and yet close to the Tsawwassen ferry terminals and the Canada/United States border.

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