Pitt Meadows

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Fore! If you love to golf, you'll love Pitt Meadows. Both golf course designers and farmers have taken advantage of the rich flood plain soil. Where the Pitt and Fraser Rivers meet, golf courses stretch out beside large cranberry and blueberry farms. Over one hundred holes of golf, on four scenic courses are clustered near towering mountains and the cool currents of the Pitt River.

Pitt Meadows is also one of Greater Vancouver's fastest growing eco-tourism recreational areas. Why not rent a canoe and explore the immense Pitt Addington Marsh Wildlife Area with its raised bog, marshes, forest and tidal flats. Its home to deer, black bear, beaver, and muskrat. Grant Narrows Regional Park situated at the south end of Pitt Lake, where it narrows to become the Pitt River, is a great place for hiking and bird watching.. Pitt Lake, one of North America's largest fresh water tidal lakes, is popular for fishing and boating. With your fishing permits in hand, why not try your luck at steelhead trout, pink, coho, spring, and sockeye salmon.

The extensive dyke network, put in place to keep flood waters contained, has evolved into a popular recreation resource for avid walkers and cyclists. While being well buffered from city noise and car traffic, the dyke network remains surprisingly accessible.

A regional airport and new hotel also service the community.

For further information contact:
Tourism Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows
12492 Harris Road
Pitt Meadows BC V3Y 2J4
Tel: 1.877.465.8300
Or Tel: 604.460.8300
Fax: 604.465.1106

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