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Where else in the world would you find an annual salute to Queen Victoria fired not by the traditional cannons or guns but by exploding gunpowder under an anvil? New Westminster, the Royal City, where history is everywhere.

In just 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver, via SkyTrain, you can discover Western Canada's oldest city. Explore the historic downtown's 19th century architecture, poke around the waterfront with its public markets and boardwalk or discover the Fraser River's ever changing parade of tug boats and freighters.

New Westminster offers an interesting and eclectic array of shopping. A revitalized Columbia Street is the centre of downtown. Antiques of all sorts are tucked away on Front Street's "Antique Alley." On the water front, you'll even find British Columbia's only authentic river boat casino, the Royal City Star.

Looking for a bite to eat is easy with the wide assortment of restaurants and eateries throughout the city. All you need to do is choose between a river view and the ambiance of a heritage house.

History, arts and culture surround you. Local museums bring history alive with the opportunity to step into a 1860's house, visit a military regiment, or even walk the deck of a ship. The arts are on display in galleries throughout New Westminster, while its performing arts venues host live theatre productions and concerts.

In the city's heritage neighbourhoods, delightful and fanciful architecture by some of British Columbia's best known architects, is found along tree lined streets. A stroll through the Queens Park neighbourhood with its impressive homes and gardens should not be missed. The natural heritage is on view in New Westminster's many parks, from the 19th century plan of Queen's Park and its rose gardens to the natural landscape of the 12 acre Glenbrook Ravine.

Spend sometime in the Royal City. You will be pleasantly surprised.

For More Information:
New Westminster Visitor Info Centre/Chamber of Commerce
601 Queens Avenue
New Westminster, BC
V3M 1L1
phone: 604.521.7781
fax: 604.521.0057

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